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1 in 3 girls are dropping out of sport by late adolescence!

We believe periods are one of the biggest barriers for women and girls to participate in sport.

Periods are not consistent for the first six years and we know there's a lot of fear and anxiety around leaks. Good thing we have a solution.

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Infographic showing Flow 2 Freedom Apparel features.  Moisture wicking, leak resistance, odor resistance, four-way stretch, SPF 50, breathable

Leak-proof innovation

How do period pants work?

Flow 2 Freedom's patent-pending Kwantum TM technology can at least two tampons worth of liquid so you can stay focused on your workout because the only thing that you should be dripping in is sweat.

Exercising on your period

Should you still exercise on your period? Yes of course! Exercise relieves pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) and helps better your mood.

Our period shorts and leggings gives you the peace of mind and confidence to focus on the game and not on leaks.

Empty plastic bottle littered on the beach


Why are our shorts and leggings more expensive than other brands?

Because we're made locally in Canada and we love our environment!

We purposely choose to use materials like recycled plastic, bamboo and organic cotton which are eco-friendly and sustainable. Each pair of pants is made of approximately 6 recycled plastic bottles.


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