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Exhale Short

Our best selling Exhale Short is a hit with teenage girls and avid runners!  Whether it's gym class, wearing them underneath skirts or if you're going out for a long run, you can breathe easy with our signature leak-proof short.  No more worrying about embarrassing leaks or tying hoodies around your waists, our Exhale shorts are enjoyed by both daughters and moms alike.  Made with our Kwantum TM Technology, each short can hold up at least two tampons worth of liquid.

Features: A high waist band with a hidden pocket for your credit cards or keys and a large side pocket for your phone.  Lining hidden to prevent any big bulky panty lines.  Seam lines lift and shape your butt to accentuate your curves.

Fabric Content: Shell: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex, Lining: Kwantum TM Technology.

Care:  Machine wash in cold and hang dry.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

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