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Grounded In Gratitude

June 29, 2019

I am humbled by the opportunity to share Flow 2 Freedom products and services with the world, especially with women who suffer from period leakage and incontinence. I practice gratitude for this every day.

I am grateful for…

  • The community of women who shared their stories.  There are so many women who experience heavy periods or incontinence (or both!). From fitness trainers to school teachers, doctors to creatives, and new moms to teenage girls, I met women from all walks of life. I feel lucky to have heard their stories and I thank them for sharing something so personal. Each of them have influenced Flow 2 Freedom.
  • An opportunity to make a difference in other’s lives.  Having met individuals like myself, I know I’m making change in more lives than just my own. Others will be able to exercise without leaking and without fear of embarrassment. And, in turn, will stay healthy in body and mind.
  • The science that allows us to help better the planet.  It’s amazing what technology can create. Eco-friendly materials seem so in demand now, it’s a wonder we haven’t been using them for decades. Thanks to innovation, Flow 2 Freedom clothing uses materials that reduce landfill waste, lessen toxic emissions, and decrease a dependency on petroleum. We are conserving water and energy, recycling plastic, using natural resources, and feeling really good about it.
  • The ability to design and manufacture Flow 2 Freedom in my hometown of Vancouver.  I love my city – the mountains, the ocean, the culture, the people. I’m proud to contribute to the local economy by creating jobs. I’m proud to represent an eco-friendly product in a city that keeps getting greener. And I’m proud to live close to where I manufacture so I can make sure ethical standards are met. It’s an opportunity to be even more hands-on when running my business.
  • The amazing Flow 2 Freedom team who help create our products.  I feel honoured to work with a group of people who believe in Flow 2 Freedom. My manufacturing, design, and marketing teams, along with mentors and friends, brought this vision to life. I’m also thankful for this tribe we have created who lead as ambassadors of the brand, sharing their experiences with like-minded individuals. Drop us a line, if you would like to join our team.
  • Supporting young athletes.  I still remember the girl I once was – embarrassed, frustrated, seemingly alone. I think about her passion for sports and how exercise made her feel strong. I still feel that way. For me, a life without sports would be terrible. I am grateful to have the privilege of donating a portion of our profits to youth sport programs, and help kids experience all the joys of fitness and togetherness.
  • Our potential and yours.  There is so much we are capable of doing when we believe in ourselves. Success and happiness are always within reach with a vision and some hard work.

What are you grateful for?

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